Important Dates for the 2022 IBL Season!

Please save the following Dates to your calendars.

Island Baseball Open Tryouts 4/3/22

This is a must for all new players!

Island Baseball League will be hosting open tryouts this Sunday, April 3rd at Berkeley Peckham Field (War Memorial Field), from 10AM to 12:PM. The league uses this day to rank and place players on teams for parity. Our main goal is an evenly balanced league. If you have already singed up you have secured your spot on a team! Waiting list players are welcome. Teams will be drafting players shortly after open tryouts. New players can expect to hear from their new teams within a week or so after open tryouts. Parking is in the rear of the building, see here.

Address: 650 Green End Avenue,  Middletown, RI 02842

New Players: If you have already singed up you have secured your spot on a team!

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Field Prep Day 4/2/22

Calling all volunteers!! This is MBR and IBL field prep day is Saturday, April 2nd from 9am to 11am. This is the day we use to get the field ready for the season. You don’t have to show up at 9am or stay till the end. Any amount of time is appreciated. 

Open Practice 4/24/22

Open Practice is set for Sunday, April 24th. This is an open practice day for all teams. New players get to meet their teammates for the new season. Here is the schedule for open practice.

Islanders: 9am-10am(Cage Time 10am-11am)Royals: 10am-11am(Cage Time 11am-12pm)Reds: 12pm-1pm(Cage Time 1pm-2pm)Pirates: 1pm-2pm(Cage Time 2pm-3pm)Schooners: 2pm-3pm(Cage Time 3pm-4pm)Storm: 3pm-4pm(Cage Time 4pm-5pm)Navigators: 4pm-5pm(Cage Time 5pm-6pm)

Opening Day is Set for May 1st 2022
Also, If you haven’t followed us on Twitter ( @islandbaseball ) please do so. We will post rain outs and game cancellation there.
Opening Day Matchups:9AM Pirates vs Royals12:00PM Storm vs Islanders3PM Navs vs RedsBYE – SchoonersSee you on the field!!