IBL Home Run Derby – 2019


Island Baseball League (IBL) will be hosting its first ever wood bat HR derby the weekend of Sept 7th and 8th at Berkley-Peckham Field.

This will be a fundraiser for Nolan Harrington. Nolan was diagnosed with duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and autism when he was 3, he is currently battling severe cardiomyopathy and is in heart failure.

The HR derby is open to all who want to enter. We will have a 18-35 and 35+ age grouping.  The fee to enter the derby will be $30 dollars per player. All proceeds will go to Nolan and his family to cover his medical expenses, his final zoo trip, and other expenses.

See Nolan’s story here. #NolansHope

Details for the HR derby are below: 

*This is a wood bat only event*

Qualifying Round 

10 pitches each or 2mins. Top 6 Players from each age group move on to Second round.
Please Note: If we get a large number of signups we will schedule the qualifying round on Saturday Sept 7th following the Royals Islanders match up. Finals will remain on the Sunday Sept 8th.

*We will notify everyone via social media and email once we have the signup totals and if we end up doing two days.

Quarter Finals

10 pitches each or 2mins. Players (By Age Group) go head to head in random match-ups.

Semi Finals –

10 pitches each or 2mins. Top two Players (By Age Group) with most HR’s Move onto finals.


10 Pitches each. Player with most HR’s in each age group wins.

Register for the HR Derby here:

HR Derby Registration

Raffle Signup

Buy a pitch for $5 dollars. Pitches will be sold to participants and non-participants. If your number is hit out of the park that number will be entered into the 50/50 drawing (numbers will be recycled per round). We will select one number at the end of the derby to win the 50/50 raffle. (Those interested in donating tickets or prizes please contact us here)

Sign up for the 50/50 Raffle here:

Raffle Signup

Sponsor a Player

Interested in sponsoring a player. Contact us here. We’ll post your company name on or social media sites and website. Cost to sponsor a player is $50.


Interested in volunteering please contact us here